• Do you have any furniture in stock? No, all pieces are made to order.

  • How long will it take to make my furniture? It depends on the size of the order, and how busy I am when the order is placed, but you can generally expect it to be eight to ten weeks.

  • How will I get my furniture? You may either come to the shop and pick it up- which I don't recommend, as I will need to charge you Vermont's six percent sales tax, and moving furniture isn't fun- or I will arrange to have it delivered by one of the blanket wrap services I use. They will put it wherever you want in your house, upstairs is not a problem.

  • How much does delivery cost? This depends on the size of the order, and the distance of the shipping. It also is affected by whether your location is on or near a major corridor. I am happy to get a quote for you before you place your order. It is not free, but if you consider the time it would take to rent a truck and come get it yourself, you will realise it's a bargain.

  • Are you willing to work in woods not listed? I am happy to work in other woods  (subject to their availability) with the exception of tropical hardwoods, which I will not use- I would rather keep the rain forest.

  • Do you charge a design fee? If a project is more or less a variation of one of my existing designs, no. If it is entirely original, I will roll the cost of designing it into the price of the piece, and will only assess a specific design fee if, when all the details have been ironed out, you elect not to proceed. I will apprise you of the approximate cost as we proceed, so it will not come as a complete surprise.



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