There are two ways to purchase my furniture.  You can pay for the full price up front through the store and I will invoice you for the shipping costs once the furniture is complete.  Or you can contact me directly and a 50% deposit is required to put your order on the production list. The lead time varies depending on both how busy I am and how complex your order is, but it is generally in the eight to ten week range. If I anticipate it being significantly longer, I will get in touch when I receive your order. Please feel free to inquire first by e-mail or phone. The balance, and any tax or shipping charges, are due once the order has been completed. In the case of a large order that will occupy me for some time I request the balance for each piece as it is finished.

My furniture is not cheap. No well made hardwood furniture is. Good materials are expensive, and the skill and care needed to turn them into something nice need be to paid for. But some is less expensive than others. I intentionally price mine high enough that I will never be tempted to use a board in a table top that is barely adequate, or put flavorless panels in an otherwise beautiful piece. I make my living making furniture, and have worked long and hard to enjoy the luxury of doing it on my own terms. I charge what’s necessary to do so.



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