It was my father's father who pointed out to me that we spend a third of our lives in bed,  so the bed itself  deserves some thought. It does a lot more than merely support a mattress- it supports us. For a third of the day it is our home. It is commonly the first piece of furniture we buy when we head out into the world, and certainly the one we spend the most time with. So it is well worth getting one that makes you happy. It should be strong, sized to your needs, and beautiful. I make my beds to order, so the height of the rails and the headborad are adjusted to suit your mattress (and box spring should you have one) and desired height off the floor. The mortice and tenon joinery assures solidity. But it is the headboard and (if desired) footboard that you will notice every day, and so I think they should be as pretty as any furniture you own. I hope the beds below fulfill that goal.



Shown in cherry

K&R bed detail.jpg


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