This site showcases furniture I have sent out into the world. I am satisfied it will all outlast me. Most of the furniture started out as custom pieces that have since become part of my catalog. I am happy to  change dimensions and arrangement of parts to suit your needs, or design something from scratch to realise your vision. I have been fairly single minded in setting the shop up to my liking, and you should be just as single minded in getting what you want. So if you don't see it here, please get in touch. I will be happy to design and build it for you.



I spent a lot of my childhood tearing things apart. Eventually, I started putting them back together. And in so doing, I learned to look at the guts of something, figure out how it worked, why it wasn't working, and fix it. At the same time, I also started making things of one sort or another. So my formative years were spent rebuilding first lawn mower engines, then VWs (almost the same thing), and making lamps and simple tables. I remember telling my father while I worked in our basement in Pennsylvania that when I grew up, I wanted to live on a mountainside in Maine and make furniture (be careful what you wish for!).

I made it as far as Vermont. I worked making pipe organs for several years, and then spent eight years making high end custom doors and windows.  There I cut my teeth at doing precise work in wood, combining my knowledge of machining from years of metalworking with my love of wood. While at the window shop, I availed myself of the Bridgeport milling machine to make the parts of a portable sawmill I designed. I borrowed a welder from a neighbor and pieced the thing together.

For the next several years, I spent what spare time I could dragging hemlock trees out of the woods with my old jeep (which I rebuilt) and sawing them up,  bit by bit assembling the shop you see in the above picture. It literally grew there. I've spent the last fifteen years making furniture.



I design things first to perform, then to last, and overall, to be beautiful

Furniture exists to perform specific functions. No matter how beautiful a piece, if it doesn't do what it was designed to do, and do it well, it is not good furniture. If it falls apart with normal use, it is not good furniture. And if it's not pretty, it won't make you happy. Good furniture costs real money. It should last for generations. If it does, it is actually less expensive than cheap furniture.

I start with a back of napkin sketch (concept phase?) of the piece with its various parts arranged in a useful and attractive way. I arrange the proportions and lines so that it is compleat and pleasing to the eye. From that point forward, all pieces are designed from the joinery out- method of construction is not an afterthought, but a prime driver within the context of the function.  Traditional joinery- mortise and tenons- and methodology- frame and panel construction- still exist because they work. Pieces hundreds of years old employ them. So I do too.



Below you can find a selection of products I offer for sale.  Head over to the shop to see what else I have to offer.



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